Posted by: Kate | July 19, 2012

So New

I recently gifted this blanket to a one-day-old baby.

That’s a lot of newness, let me tell you. Those parents among you will remember that mewling newborn cry, that stunned parent look, that silly grin and that sense of disbelief. It’s odd seeing it from this side of the parenting adventure, with my own ‘baby’ heading into teenager territory in short time. I held on to that little bundle as long as I could, and Bushboy held his first newborn baby (the grin on his face was delicious). Mr. Kate even held the baby, although nervously! We are so excited by this new life, this new adventure about to unfold before us. It just is so wonderful to see two people you really care about become parents. They will be so good at this gig, and we are so excited to share the journey.

Edited to add pattern and yarn:

Pattern: Ondas by Laura Wilson-Martos

Yarn: El. D. mouzakis butterfly super 10 light green and dark green

Needles: 3.5mm circular



  1. Kate, that blanket is gorgeous! What pattern and yarn did you use?

  2. What a lovely gift for the new baby. I love the “stunned parent look” – isn’t that the truth. Such a special time.

  3. Oh, pretty!

  4. What a pretty baby blanket, it’s sure to become a family heirloom. Congrats to everyone :)

  5. Such a pretty blanket and what a lovely gift. The babyhood years do simply fly by!!! Ros

  6. Congratulations to your friend and her family. A beautiful, beautiful blanket!

  7. oh brand new babies are so precious and wonderful.
    what a beautiful blanket you knit up kate – it looks just perfect for snuggling!

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