Posted by: Kate | July 17, 2012

Beach Poetry

I am often inspired to write poetry at the beach. Usually this is done in my head, words tumbling as I sit and look out at the water. This afternoon was no different, ideas of contentment and small moments of peace, and belonging, all wandering through my mind. But today Bushboy had the best poem, uttered as we got into the truck to head home.

Don’t fret beach,
Although we must leave you now you are always with us,
In our shoes.

Well said, my boy.



  1. NICE.

  2. Awesome! Looks like it (poetry) runs in the family. Reading it over again, makes me smile all over again. Well done, BB!

  3. Really nice! This gave me a big smile :D

  4. Oh, so true.

  5. that’s fabulous!

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