Posted by: Kate | July 3, 2012

Providing a Challenge, Knowing Your Child

Another school year has passed. I mentioned at the beginning of the year Bushboy had changed schools, and although I haven’t talked much about it I think it there is an aspect of it worth sharing. Our district offers a late French immersion program to students entering Grade 6, and we encouraged Bushboy to enter. The program is open to all students, it isn’t based on anything other than the first 30 kids in the district to sign up. He chose to do so, and since that moment he has embraced the challenge.

Now that the year is over, I can say it was the best decision this family has made in regards to Bushboy’s school career to date. I have talked in the past about Bushboy’s differences, and those weren’t always embraced in his old school, leaving him feeling a little like he was always trying to keep up or fit in. In the new class – that was gone. They were all kids who were looking for a challenge, who were leaving old schools behind, and who were in many ways ‘different’.

We were pleased, although not surprised, that Bushboy thrived in a new language – he is a talker after all.

The crux of what I’m saying, other than the fact that we are really proud of this boy of ours, is that knowing your children, being aware of their interests, their personalities, their strengths and their weaknesses — this can help you guide your children to choices that will benefit them. In the end, though, they have to embrace and choose for themselves. When they find that fit based on a choice they were part of; watch out, they will fly.



  1. I have just two words for you and your husband. Well done!

  2. I think your son is lucky to have a mom like you.

  3. Yes, I agree with Denise and Kristie – well done! BB’s a great boy & you & your DH show much love & integrity regarding his development. Just watch him fly!

  4. well this post makes me incredibly happy! i’m so glad that bb has found a school in which he thrives. wonderful wonderful. and a big pat on the back for you and mr.kate as well….
    like i said, this post makes me incredibly happy!

  5. So, so true! Education should totally be about finding what it takes to make EVERY child fly. So glad the move has been so successful. Ros

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