Posted by: Kate | June 29, 2012

Feature Photo: Camping Games

We love playing games when we’re out camping. Last year Yahtzee was the big hit, and we played it a fair bit when we were out earlier in the spring as well. We’re looking for suggestions for a good two or three person game, not too many game pieces, for playing as you see above, with a tub for a table and chairs. Not card games, we play those too but we’re looking more for a proper game. Any suggestions? What are your favourites?



  1. What about Boggle? That has been one of our family favourites for years.

  2. There is a Canadian version of Monopoly which is pretty cool. It uses debit instead of paper money.

  3. I was going to say Skip Bo (same makers as Uno) until I read not a card game. Hmm, Sequence is also fun but it involves several pieces using a board, chips and cards. I’ll have to think about this one and see if I can come up with a better suggestion. :)

  4. I thought of another one. I remember you saying you are Scrabble fans. There is a travel Scrabble game that would be the perfect size, and the way the pieces work is quite ingenious.

  5. Battleship (a travel game is also available) was always fun with our teenage boy. I was going to suggest Scrabble, but kristieinbc beat me to it and had an even better idea, the travel Scrabble would probably be more convenient considering your small space. I may think of more.

  6. We enjoy Boggle too and also a game called ‘Pass the Bomb’. There’s nothing so much fun as playing a good game with good company and maybe even a glass of wine!!!! Have a good weeek. Ros

  7. We just got back from camping, but we didn’t have the energy to play games – too many frogs and snakes to catch!

  8. Well scrabble is always fun, I think. Uno is great for camping. And we love a game called hand and foot but it takes awhile and with 6 decks is probably best played at home (though we’ve taken it for multiday camps too). And, as others have mentioned, Boggle is pretty portable and works with your ‘table.’

  9. most of the games i can think of are card games… but this past week on our lake cabin vacation i brought a new game that is similar to yatzee but has chips instead of a score pad. it was a lot of fun – for both kids and adults! it’s called, “yamslam.”
    (a stupid name, but a fun game)

  10. Our favorite game right now is a card game – sorry. It’s Slamwich. Very fun!

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