Posted by: Kate | June 14, 2012


This has been an odd spring. Not the coldest we’ve had, but certainly un-focused would be a good word. We’ve had some lovely warm, sunny days, but they are generally followed by damp cool days. Nothing has stuck. The warm weather crops in my garden have yet to start, while the rest of the garden is just very very green!

green strawberries waiting for sun!

My lettuce is thriving, of course, and the peas are growing. But the rest of it needs some days of sustained sunshine. Not sure how the garden will shape up for summer if we don’t get some dry warm weather soon.



  1. here’s hoping you get the sun your garden needs!

  2. Fingers are crossed for the sun your green berries need.

  3. We’ve certainly been having unusual weather this year! It’s been strange all over (the world).

    I absolutely LOVE the pic of your pretty green strawberries – they look so fresh & new. Poor little guys, I hope the sun shines for them!

  4. I just read on CBC that we are having a June that, so far, has the least amount of sunshine of any June on record. This would explain our stunted gardens. The forecast for the next week doesn’t look like things will be changing any time soon. :-(

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