Posted by: Kate | June 11, 2012

How Does Your Commute Look?

OK, so it’s not really my commute, but it is the drive between my house and my mum’s in the next town down the road. And it is pretty darn nice. And there are people who do commute for work along this road every day.


  1. It’s so beautiful! And, I must say, somewhat better than my commute, which involves walking across the family room to my computer. :-)

  2. What an ideal commute, or drive to Mum’s.

  3. That’s Ian’s commute…and given that, I completely understand his reluctance to sell this house and move one stop south!

  4. Your pics are just beautiful! Paradise, I tell you, Paradise, lucky you & Mum :)

  5. gorgeous pictures!
    technically i work from home, so i don’t have a commute at all!

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