Posted by: Kate | May 28, 2012

Book Review: The Stolen Child

The Stolen Child, by Keith Donohue, tells an intriguing tale of a changeling and the boy he changes place with, following each boy’s story through the years. It is a most impressive first novel from Mr. Donohue.

This grown-up fairy tale uses the mythology of changelings and hobgoblins to tell a deeply personal and moving story. I was gripped from the beginning and wanted to keep following it right through to the end. The story had just enough oddity to be different, yet enough emotional story to be familiar.

The story is inspired by the W.B.Yeats poem of the same name, and carries a poetic feel, especially in the beginning. However the story is much more than just a poetic fairy tale, as it achieves a pleasing balance balance between dark and light, between fairy tale and modern novel, and between explanation and things left unsaid.

I really enjoyed this book, and think it will appeal to a broad audience. I like that it is written by a man, about young boys (although not just young boys), as it feels very genuine and masculine. It is an adult novel, despite its fairy tale premise. It made me think, it made me laugh, it almost made me cry. All the hallmarks of a very good read.


  1. ooooh – i want to stop everything i’m doing and go get this book!

  2. hmmm, another great new read. Thanks Kate!

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