Posted by: Kate | May 21, 2012

First Camping of the Season

Englishman River Falls Provincial Campground.

Some sunshine, some rain, some walking, some s’mores, lots of campfires, and good friends. The perfect recipe for a wonderful May long week-end camping trip!

Looking out from our campsite.

A borrowed hammock makes it even better!

Hanging out!

Going on a geocache adventure.

Taking all paths available.

We all took a big sigh of contentment when we arrived Friday night, and we have come home with our hair, coats and pillows smelling of campfire, and our bodies at ease.


  1. Ahhh… I’ll live vicariously through you. I was at work today. But I did get in some relaxing this weekend.

  2. I hope it didn’t rain too much for your first camping trip. Great pic of Bush Boy in the hammock. He will probably start lobbying for you to buy one now so he has one for all your camping trips! :-)

  3. It sounds perfect and peaceful! Hey–BB is letting his hair grow out again!

    There is nothing better than hair and clothes smelling like a campfire in my book. I think they should try and bottle that one! ;)

  4. Even a hammock–fun!

  5. oh hurrah! what fun!
    gorgeous gorgeous photos!
    i was camping that weekend too, although it was with my 9 daisy girl scouts and most of their moms. we stayed in a lodge, no tents yet… we’re going to work up to that!

    ps – i love bb’s longer hair.

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