Posted by: Kate | May 6, 2012

Supermoon 2012

Last night was the Supermoon (or perigee) of 2012 – did you see it?

We decided to take a chance despite the cloud cover, and went down to the beach for a fire and to see if we could see the moon at 8:35 (moonrise according to the local reports).

It was one of the coolest sights we’ve seen! The pink-ness of it as it came up and the way it headed into the clouds was quite spectacular.

We stayed at the beach until about 9:40, by which time the “Ninja Moon” (so dubbed for the way the clouds striped across the top of it like a ninja warrior’s headband) had disappeared completely behind the clouds.

It actually cleared up about 10:30 or so, and Mr. Kate and I saw the moon in the sky again. It was so bright my camera couldn’t take a good picture of it!

Great experience, and a fun excuse to have the first beach fire of the year.


  1. gorgeous!!
    what a lovely thought – you and your family having a beach fire while the super moon rises and then disappears like a ninja in the clouds….
    it was cloudy and rainy here so i didn’t get to see even a peep of the supermoon… i guess it was in super ninja stealth mode over here!

  2. saw it. loved it. (but I wasnt on the beach) – great photos!

  3. Incredible pictures! It sounds like it was a great family memory making night! And the sound of the ocean for background “music” must have made it seem even more beautiful.

  4. Fantastic! I’m so sad that I missed it…

  5. Here I thought I missed seeing the supermoon, it was overcast :( Happily, though, you shared your way cool shots of the moon. I love the Ninja Moon, too. I envy you all enjoying your first fire on the beach, watching the beautiful supermoon. I can almost smell the ocean …

  6. WOW!

  7. Oh –thank you so much for sharing! I was actually on a plane from Alaska when the moon appeared and it was on the other side of the plane from me so couldn’t get a good look. Was taking an overnight flight from Fairbanks so light when I got on the plane and light when I got off…But you made my day to see your pictures. I love that you guys went to the beach to enjoy it…I can’t think of a better way to appreciate such a beautiful moment!

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