Posted by: Kate | April 20, 2012

Feature Photo: Pileated Woodpecker

This guy was on the side of the trail at the bottom of Mill Hill, happily pecking away at a log. He gave us no attention, even when Bushboy walked in closer to get a picture.



  1. Oh wow, he/she is beautiful!! I’ll say it again, dear Kate, you are living in Paradise!

  2. oh goodness!! it’s the grandfather of all woodpeckers!! what a wonderful sighting!! and you got a photo!!
    i’m super jealous!! i’ve only seen them high up in trees and the one time i had my camera he was really backlit and i only got a silhouette.
    thanks for sharing with the rest of us :)

  3. I heard my first woodpecker a couple of years ago. We had a little beauty tapping away on the trunk of our willow tree. An amazing sight. Ros

  4. Wonderful! Great picture Bushboy!

  5. We have a pair that l Iive in the neighborhood. We hear them daily, but only see them once every couple of years. The very first time I saw saw and heard them I finally understood the Woody Woodpecker cartoon. So many trees came down last summer I was worried we would lose them, but one has been spotted this spring.

  6. Okay Kate — you ready for the deluge? ;) Taking some time this afternoon to catch up with a handful of my favorite spaces…

    Ah — the pileated…one of my favorite birds. When I use to mist-net birds back east, we always knew we had a pileated in a net before we saw them. cuz only their feet would be caught and the whole net would be swinging back and forth as they flapped. Very cool birds…

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