Posted by: Kate | April 16, 2012

Beautiful Victoria

We spent the last week-end of Bushboy’s spring break in Victoria. I grew up in Victoria, Bushboy was born there, and so much of me feels like I am still from Victoria. But when I return I am now a tourist, absorbing all the wonderful parts of this city and sharing them with Bushboy. This week-end was no different. We did a number of tourist things, but then we took advantage of knowing the area, and snuck in a walk up Mill Hill. At this time of year the wild flowers are beautiful, Easter Lilies and Shooting Stars being the most prevalent this week-end. But the real treat to Mill Hill, and the reason to go there on a beautiful sunny day, is the view.

This is just one of the panoramic views from the top, this looking out at Esquimalt and downtown Victoria, then to Puget Sound beyond.

It’s fun to take your child to the places that had meaning to you when you were young – I too climbed the arbutus trees on the top of Mill Hill at the side of the path.


  1. Such lovely scenary. I agree, it’s always special taking your own youngsters to meaningful places. It binds you together even more strongly. Ros

  2. how completely wonderful kate!
    you’re right – there is something very special about taking your child back to where you grew up…

  3. What a wonderful little holiday! It’s great you can share a few of your favourite haunts from your childhood with BB. These are special times he’ll remember for the rest of his life. Great pics, too!

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I love Victoria. What a wonderful place to have grown up! There is a slight (very slight) chance my oldest son and his wife might be moving there this fall. I am so hoping that happens.

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