Posted by: Kate | April 12, 2012

Growing Garlic

I planted my first garlic last fall. A friend of mine had some bulbs left over from her harvest and gave them to me to plant, telling me that they are the easiest and most satisfying thing to grow. I was skeptical (after all, radishes are pretty darn easy and I have a thing for the beans, you know) but I thought why not, and in the fall, after cleaning out my beds, I planted two rows of garlic (all the cloves from two bulbs).

It’s looking promising! These were the plants in March, and below in early April.

It remains to be seen whether or not there are nice garlic bulbs at the end of them — we should find out in June!



  1. Mmmmm, garlic. Especially home garden garlic – yum. They’re looking good! It’s nice to see new life at long last (after winter).

  2. I love growing garlic! Remember you can eat the scapes when you cut them. They are good in stir fries, salads, etc. Unless things are different on the island I think June might be a bit early to harvest the bulbs.

  3. Yum! Probably harvest in mid-late July, but you’ll get the scapes well before then to eat in stir-fry, seared and put in scrambled eggs etc. Remember to stop watering them in June. Also, apparently legumes don’t like garlic (and other aliums), so plant your favourite beans and peas at the far end of the bed (for this year and next!).
    I’ve grown garlic three times now, but I didn’t get my harvest last year… I moved on May 1st and had to abandon my very healthy looking crop. I hope the new tenants enjoyed it! This year I have 24 plants growing in the front bed and they are looking pretty good!

  4. looks good to me!
    although i’ve never done garlic so i’m probably not a good judge – but maybe after watching you this year i’ll give it a go in the fall!

  5. ooh, how exciting! they look like they’re off to a wonderful start!

  6. Those garlic plants are look healthy! We never seem to be able to grow them to a decent size, which is annoying becuase the little individual bulbs then take forever to peel. Ros

  7. Am looking forward to your harvest. Garlic is on my list for this year.

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