Posted by: Kate | April 10, 2012

BC Coast Spring in all its Glory

You’ve got to love a BC Coast spring — one afternoon on the mountain where they have the deepest snow base in North America, and the next day out in the garden digging up the flower beds in preparation for planting, and checking out the rhubarb.


and the rhubarb ….

The fact that I live somewhere that can find me on a fabulous ski hill and an hour later on a beautiful beach never fails to amaze me. This is home, and it is as awesome as it looks.


  1. That’s amazing! Will all that snow pack result in flooding this spring?

    Your rhubarb is way bigger than mine! I have a feeling you will be eating rhubarb crisp long before we do!

  2. it’s definitely a wonderful place to be – i too was up on the mountain one day and enjoying the spring forest on my bike the next.

  3. Amazing pics, Kate! That’s ALOT of snow!

    B.C. truly is super-natural British Columbia – I love it here!

  4. We were given a rhubarb plant last fall and it is coming up nicely. I can’t wait for my first ever home grown by me (well, hubby, really) rhubarb pie!

  5. I think it is a particular wonder of living in some areas of the west coast. thank you for the great “spring” pictures.

  6. **jealous** of all that gorgeous snow!!! (and of course of handsome mr.chika peeping back at us in the first photo – arf! arf!)

    your rhubarb is looking good! i transplanted some into my backyard two years ago, last year it didn’t fair so well, but i’ve got my fingers crossed for this year.

  7. wow, that’s so much snow! i’m super jealous! AND i’m jealous of your rhubarb- one of my absolute favorites!

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