Posted by: Kate | April 4, 2012

Green Waves of Gratitude

I finally put together a scarf from the delicious handspun I showed you last month. It is my own design, trying to show off the colour gradation in the yarn and to use the majority of both skeins. I think I was fairly successful with both.

I started with a shallow crescent garter-stitch scarf, knit end to end. I then used a lace border from Victorian Lace Today and knitted that on to the crescent. It used all but a few metres of both skeins.

Now I have a wonderful scarf to remind me of new friends, and spring!

(Speaking of spring, we are sorely lacking in the season. There are no pictures of me wearing this scarf as the lighting has been dismal. Our ski hill is reaping the benefit, with so much snow they had to dig out one of the lifts yesterday, but the rest of us and the gardens could definitely do with a warmer spring!)



  1. The scarf is beautiful!

    No spring here either. I still have not ordered dirt for the raised beds as I would prefer it not be delivered in the rain.

  2. beautiful kate! you did an amazing job.

    and spring will find you one of these days, i’m certain of it! :)

  3. Such a pretty scarf…with so much love and generosity knitted into each stitch. I love those kinds of knits!

    We woke yesterday to 6 inches of snow…got to 20 (F) last night and had a few more inches this morning. I was amazed when it melted during the day today, to see that the crocuses were still alive! I think the snow insulated them!

  4. spring is wonderful here, I hate to gloat. But I don’t have a beautiful handspun shawl, either, so perhaps it all evens out. :)

  5. Wowee, I have alot of catching up to do. How did these pass me by?

    Your shawl is gorgeous! Can I have it? lol, just kidding. It’ll be nice to wear it during those chilly evenings, taking a walk on the beack, star-gazing, gardening, all those wonderful Spring and Summer past-times.

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