Posted by: Kate | March 30, 2012

Feature Photo: Treasures From the Beach

Aside from beach glass, we also love to look at other treasures on the beach. In the picture is a good representation of some of the cool finds — a crab carapace, an oyster shell, a piece of animal bone and a coral skeleton (I think, this is possibly a sponge or bryozoan instead, but we find lots and lots of them on this beach).



  1. beautiful kate!
    there are so many natural wonders in our world. i wish more people could appreciate that… (i think i’m feeling a little defeatist about our rampant consumerist culture this morning.)
    we spent a lot of time on our spring break looking for agates and had such a wonderful time… there is just so much beauty and joy to be found out of doors.

  2. Awesome! It’s always better outdoors, I love to look at God’s masterpiece. I’ll say it again, you’re living in a beeeutiful part of the world. Thx for sharing.

  3. There’s nothing like collecting beach treasures. Each one always has such a story to tell and is often the keeper of special memories. Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend. Ros

    • Hi, sorry that was me, Snoopydog. I’m still struggling to leave you a comment under my Blogger name. Ros

  4. The natural world throws us so many treasures if we’d simply stop and look. I love that you do.

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