Posted by: Kate | March 23, 2012

Feature Photo: Hello, Woodpecker

This Hairy Woodpecker was a having a lovely time alongside the Quinsam River last week-end and was not bothered in the least by some curious humans watching him. Bushboy made up a song for him: “Woodpecker woodpecker in the tree, bugs for you and pictures for me…”


  1. oh i love him!!
    we don’t get too many hairy woodpeckers in my yard (mostly downy and red breasted) so the hairy woodpeckers are extra exciting!!

  2. Ah, the glorious hairy woodpecker! He/she’s beautiful – great shot. Love BB’s song, too, now I’ve got the song in my head! ;-)

  3. Great capture! I love woodpeckers. Perfect rhyme to accompany picture!

  4. Kate, just seeing if I can leave a comment today! Ros

  5. Hello there! Yay, I can leave a message again. Such a relief. I have no idea what had happened. I LOVE woodpeckers. Ros

  6. I feel myself becoming more and more of an unofficial bird watcher. Your woodpecker is quite handsome. I like the song too : )

  7. Love the bird! And I’m glad that Bushboy was willing to give up on the sweater, right on the cusp on spring/summer! Hopefully black won’t still be the color de jour come Fall ;)

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