Posted by: Kate | March 17, 2012

Feature Photo: Pink Crocuses

I seem to be in the mood for pink these days, hmmm.

One of the things I love about the west coast is that our bulbs last long enough to enjoy them. When we lived in Ottawa the bulbs all bloomed within about three weeks, from late April to early May, and then were done. Week one – crocuses, week two – daffodils, week three – tulips, week four – the heat of summer! on the west coast we slow down, and enjoy our bulbs over a month or so. The crocuses have been blooming since late February and I love seeing their little bursts of colour every time I pull into the driveway.


  1. gorgeous kate!
    we’re just beginning to see peeps of colors other than browns over here.

  2. Beautiful! I’ve just blogged a photo of our pretty little crocuses too. They are such sweet, unassuming flowers. Have a good week. Ros

    P.S. Your blog wouldn’t let me leave a reply unless I logged into my old WordPress account. How strange! It is me though, Snoopydog!

  3. Ah, a breath of fresh (Spring!) air – these beauties are beautiful!! It’s great you can enjoy them for so long :)

  4. Ah — so pretty. I can always count on you for crocus pictures…thank you! Our crocuses never last…they bloom late March/early April and it never fails that the day after, we get a freeze and it kills them. The vegetation for ours is just starting to show itself (and we of course have a forecast of snow all week).

  5. I am learning more about plants and flowers from your blog! Delightful little flowers and harbingers of spring.

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