Posted by: Kate | March 15, 2012



You know you’re Canadian when you request a doughnut cake for your birthday :)

(The cupcake was for the actual day, as the doughnut cake had been on the week-end.)


  1. happy birthday bushboy!!
    i hope you had a wonderful wonderful day!!

    (and i wish i lived closer so i could sneak a piece of your doughnut cake – yum!)

  2. Yum!! Happy 12th Birthday BB!!!!!!!!!!!! (twelve exclamation points instead of 12 bumps).

    Yes, I’d love to sneak a piece, too! Mmmm. One question: is that whipping cream in the middle of doughnut cake?

  3. Happy birthday Bushboy! The only way that cake could have looked more Canadian would have been if the donuts were decorated as hockey pucks.

  4. No way! The past two years Clayton has had doughnuts instead of cake. I told him he could chose whatever he wanted as long as I co I’d stick candles in it,
    Happy Birthdaya to Bush Boy!!!!

  5. Happy late birthday BB!!! A doughnut cake? I didn’t know those existed…how wonderful! Though I have to ask…why are doughnuts (or maybe just doughnut cakes) true Canadian? I have no problems with that mind you (I love doughnuts)…just want to have my excuses right when I request doughnuts while working in Canada the next few years. ;)

  6. Oh! If I could have a donut cake with buttercream frosting between layers, I’d move to Canada tomorrow! I love love love donuts. It’s usually what makes me give up my gluten free diet, hehehe.

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