Posted by: Kate | March 13, 2012

Now THAT Was a Storm!

Our area got hit with a south-easter the other morning, one with winds gusting at 130km/hr (80m/hr). It was a wicked late winter storm, and has done a considerable amount of damage. Fences blown over, roofs and skylights torn off, power lines and trees down everywhere. There are still many homes without power today. The most awesome sight however, are the trees that have been uprooted. Remember, we live on the rainforest coast, and our trees are big. Here are just some samples of the battle the trees lost the other day, taken on the drive home today.

There were four of these trees in this church's parking lot, pulled off the bank. You can see where they've cut these two so they aren't hanging over the parking area. These trees are about this long again to their tips.

The same parking lot - two men were chopping this one up. Lots of chainsaws going around town.

This came down just up the road from us, at a new house construction site.

Can't believe the trees missed the house! (Same trees as the root ball above.)

The scariest one I saw, as this fell across the house. These three trees were originally right across the road. This road is closed to traffic still, as there was another big tree across it just two blocks up that only got cleared this afternoon.

Closer look - the backyard and deck was upended by the tree roots.

At the height of the storm we also had a high tide, which leads to massive debris across the island highway along the waterfront. Although most of it has been cleared away by the backhoes, you can see evidence of it on both sides of the road in the picture below. From what I’ve heard, the waves were coming right across the road carrying wood and rocks.

Driftwood debris to the left and right.

We are fine, no damage done and power restored. Believe it or not, there is another wind warning on for our area tonight. As someone said, it seems to be coming back for the trees it missed the first time around. Hang on.



  1. Dear God, Kate, I’m SO happy to hear you & your family are okay. We just saw the devastation on the news and I was hoping you were okay. It’s amazing how those huge trees were uprooted, that was quite a powerful windstorm. It’s been windy here, not as bad as the coast. I hope you won’t get the same storms tomorrow!

  2. Wasn’t that something? We have one big tree down in our back yard, just behind hubby’s workshop. It is hung up in other trees so we’ll probably have to get someone in to get it down. It isn’t a safety issue, fortunately. If it blows down in today’s storm it shouldn’t do any damage. Our front fence also came down, pulling my lovely old rose bush with it. Our power was out for about 7 hours, we were luckier than a lot of others who were out for over 24 hours. Bring on spring!!!

  3. So glad to hear you guys weathered the storm alright! Must have been amazing. I would have loved to see the water on the road. It was crazy down here, but nothing like that. (I did, however, take the bus to work rather than biking!!)

  4. Wasn’t it a truly mind boggling storm! You didn’t mention that they actually closed the entire school district the morning of the storm. One of the schools is still closed today. I saw one news clip that a friend was interviewed in about her house & the tree that fell on it and the neighbours at Alder and Hilchey…. I started weeping as I she spoke of their experience. I’m so grateful that they weren’t injured.

  5. Thank you for the pictures, stay safe!!!

  6. I am glad you didn’t have any trees falling over on your house! It was strange to see the headlines in the Kamloops paper the morning after the storm saying we had missed the worst of what had hit the rest of the province since we are known for our wind! Hopefully the storm that was supposed to hit yesterday didn’t do as much damage.

  7. Wow, quite a storm. Of course, it came through here but since we’re a little further from the coast it wasn’t *as* bad. We did get some gusts into the 50s. My parents are along the coast and lost power for most of the day as did their local hospital. They had a lot of snow, which I thought was interesting; we received (and are continuing to receive) a significant amount of rain.

  8. good gracious kate! i had heard you guys got hit by a storm, but i hadn’t seen any photos until now. wow, that’s a lot of downed trees. i’m glad to hear that you and your family and your house are all safe and sound.

  9. Ah, yes, I know which morning you were referring to. I was on the west side looking for sites and there were hurricane strength winds so we weren’t allowed out on the timber farms. Those winds were bad enough but couple that with an ice storm they had a month ago and trees were falling everywhere. When we finally got out in the field, the damage was amazing… And disheartening since many of our sites we need to get to this summer were either inaccessible (and it’ll take months to get this all cleaned) or the forest floor was covered in debris making the sites not usable. Regrouping was in order. Glad to hear you guys didn’t suffer any damage on your place!

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