Posted by: Kate | March 12, 2012

The Satisfaction of a Good Dishcloth

Somedays the only thing to knit is a good cotton dishcloth. They are my go-to comfort knitting, just as some people knit socks or hats when nothing else will do. And when you look at your cloth supply and realize your own kitchen is in dire need of some new cloths, well you just have an even better excuse to stop knitting some black for a little while and dive into the lovely cotton collection you were given for Christmas (forgot to mention that, a lovely box full of cotton from Mr. Kate).

Chinese Waves and All Washed Up, in Bernat Handicrafter Stripes.

I feel better now.



  1. Your new dishcloths are v pretty and v nice that Mr. Kate gave you a box of cotton yarn, awww!). I love the Chinese Waves, not sayin’ that the All Washed Up cloth is bad, it’s great, 2.

    I, too, find that when I need some ‘comfort’ knitting, I always go back to dishcloth knitting. So glad you’re feeling better ;)

  2. Great dishcloths! I have a very hard time knitting with cotton, so my “go to” project is always socks. I think Mr. Kate was very thoughtful to buy you a box of yarn for Christmas, and in such great colours!

  3. Considering washclothes were my comfort knit all last year, I couldn’t agree more! mindless, functional, fast. :)

  4. gorgeous cloths – and i couldn’t agree more. sometimes all you can do is knit a dishcloth.

  5. Seems we are all doing that a little bit lately! ;) And how great is Mr Kate for giving you a box of cotton!

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