Posted by: Kate | March 7, 2012

Blog Friends

One of the weirdest things is to meet blog commenters in person. I have spoken on the phone to one blog friend, although we connected as much through a ‘working’ relationship as the blog, so that felt a little different. This past summer, a blog commenter emailed to let me know she would be in my town and did I want to meet up. How could I resist?! I promised my guys that we would be in a very public space and totally safe – she’s a knitter for crying out loud  and involved in the knitting community on the island!

It was wonderful and a real treat to meet someone face to face who has read along with so much of my life story. Just like meeting a pen pal for the first time – have you seen the scene in Julie and Julia where Julia Child meets her pen pal? It was like that. We connected, we walked, we talked yarn.

Cut to later in the fall when life was really getting crazy busy and hectic around here. I’d just started working at the office and things were pretty intense and all around overwhelming. I got an email from this same wonderful person, letting me know she’d sent something with a work colleague who was heading up my way.

Seriously, people. Like getting to meet people who have shared comments and laughs and challenges with me wasn’t enough! She sent me, wait for it, some of her own handspun. It was from some sock kits that I had admired in the past, and even in my favourite colour!

I am so honoured. Finally, I have wound the skeins up and am looking at patterns. Although it was originally a sock kit, I think I’m leaning towards a scarf, so I can enjoy the colours and wonderful handspun goodness of it all.

Blog friends are just so cool.


  1. It’s strange that first meeting…but pretty great too, no? One day I’m pretty sure we’ll have a Julia moment too. ;)

    And that yarn is beautiful…I think a scarf would be perfect!

  2. how wonderful when you get to meet a virtual friend in real life… it’s so amazing because even though you’re just meeting you feel like you’ve known them forever!

    lovely yarn – it’s going to make a gorgeous scarf!

  3. How lovely! The blogosphere is a truly amazing place! The handspun is gorgeous. Look forward to seeing what you make. Ros

  4. Hi Kate – Just seeing this now. What a sweet post!
    I’m so glad you are getting to work on a project for you now. And I hope the yarn works out well!
    About giving away handspun…
    Stephanie said it well the other day – Sometimes, spinning the yarn is enough. I do love knitting with handspun, but I’m also happy to give it away. :)
    Your blog has given me lots over the years… things to think about, great photos of life up Island, a glimpse into another way of living…

  5. Amazing indeed… I would pick a water themed scarf pattern, but that is just me. Can’t wait to see what it becomes!

  6. […] finally put together a scarf from the delicious handspun I showed you last month. It is my own design, trying to show off the colour gradation in the yarn and to use […]

  7. How did I ever miss this post?? Thx for giving the link in your Gratitude post today. You’re incredibly fortunate to receive wonderful handspun from a virtual friend! Your scarf is lovely!

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