Posted by: Kate | March 4, 2012

Feature Photo: The Estuary

The estuary is a neat place to walk, especially on the inside. The trail is in the midst of rejuvenation, so parts of it are really naked and raw still. The beach faces the working side of the river, and it’s always interesting to see what is going on. There was a house boat on the other side, and on this side this barge looked like it was getting a refit, as it had new steel bars inside (we walked down so we could see in those openings). The beach has lots of evidence of a working river – bits of rope, machinery and metal half buried in the sand.


  1. I have a big old soft spot for working boats.

  2. Beautiful! Being put to good use! Ros

  3. gorgeous.
    i love the contrast of the natural beauty and the rusty barge, which has a beauty of its own.

  4. Very interesting, it’s great to watch things being built.

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