Posted by: Kate | February 29, 2012

Black Knitting

What is it about black knitting? It’s not as if I really watch my knitting all the time, and I do love knitting, yet somehow knitting on something black makes me slow right down. I’m less likely to even pick it up, and I find myself thinking of other things I’d like to be knitting. In other words, Bushboy’s sweater is taking me longer than it should!

That said it is progressing, and I do think it’s a pretty cool pattern that will look good on him (I had to do a fair bit of math to adjust for gauge and to size it up to his measurements). I am really enjoying the sideways construction, and I definitely want to make a cardigan for myself using this sideways knitting – I think I even have a pattern or two in my Ravelry favourites!

I'm knitting it from one bottom edge to the other, in this picture I've put the 'right' way so you can see how it is becoming a sweater from the side.


  1. It looks like you are making good progress! I agree about knitting with black yarn. I find one of the problems with it is distinguishing the stitches when you need to count them. The good thing about a black sweater, especially for someone Bushboy’s age, is it won’t show any dirt.

    I have never done a sideways construction for a sweater. It sounds interesting!

  2. I have refused to ever knit black again. Ever. I could use a black sweater, but I am not going to knit one. Husband has asked for some black socks. Nope. You are much braver than I.

  3. that’s a really cool pattern!
    and bb’s sweater is going to look awesome when you finish it!!
    don’t get sucked into the black hole of knitting (heh heh – that’s a little joke i made there) you can do it!!

  4. Look forward to seeing this one finished! Ros

  5. BB’s new black sweater is looking great! I’ll never forget what my DM said when she taught me how to knit. “Don’t use black yarn while learning”. In fact, I just pulled out a skein of black acrylic to knit a finger moustache for my sweet, little grandson.

    Keep on knitting, you’re almost finished!

  6. I’ve never knit with black before…dark grey, but not black. Interesting that you feel like it knits slower. I’ve got a couple side to side sweaters in my favorites folder…very cool construction! I bet this will look great!

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