Posted by: Kate | February 28, 2012

Reading Mitts for Readers

A group my mum is involved in, Grandmothers for Grandmothers, hosts a scrabble tournament every year and I love going to play. I’ve also contributed a crafted item for the door prize table every year. This year I made a pair of Suzie’s Reading Mitts.

I love how they turn out, even if you do have to sew up a hem on the bottom and top of each mitt. I used some of the left over Superwash Emu Wool that I made my vest out of. As the yarn is a little thinner than the yarn used in the pattern, I made the medium size, resulting in a small/medium mitt which was what I wanted. I was very pleased with these ones, and could see making more of them as gifts. A teacher took them as a door prize, and so I’m pretty sure my title is accurate. (is it presumptuous of me to think that scrabble players would be readers?)


  1. What a great door prize!

    I have made a number of these mitts and they are always well received.

  2. Those are lovely Kate! I think you are right to presume that Scrabble players are readers.

  3. Nice. And I would make that assumption too. So you are a scrabble player? I love learning these little bits about you…

  4. Hey, you made the mitts! Did I inspire you or did you already know about the pattern? I love the detailing but I think I’d shape the wrist more if I made the pattern again. I love the simple yarn you used. And yes Scrabble players are readers! Right?

  5. Great mitts! I bet that teacher was very happy when she won that pair! Most of the members of our family are Scrabble players too. None of us have ever gone into a tournament though. We sort of cheat by having a dictionary on the table for reference. That is probably not allowed in tournament play!

  6. love those mitts kate! wonderful work!
    they’re perfect reading/scrabble/whatever mitts!

  7. I know I’m far behind in your blog entries, but better late than never, right? (I was out-of-town & that’s my excuse, ha ha). I LOVE your mitts and I know the teacher loves ’em, too. I really like the length, long enough to keep you nice & cosy while playing Scrabble or just enjoying wearing them! You have a keen eye for choosing lovely knit patterns.

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