Posted by: Kate | February 23, 2012

Being Excited

Someone we know and love is pregnant. And we are all really excited (especially Bushboy it seems). So of course there will be lots of knitting. But guess what? I can’t show you it, at least not until it’s done and given – I know she reads the blog quite regularly!

(Of course, if you want sneak peaks, you know where to find me….)



  1. I am excited for you! I was so happy when my nephew and his wife were pregnant last year because it finally gave me a chance to knit EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket.

  2. oh i love babies!!
    have fun with all your tiny knitting!!

  3. So many cool baby knits out there…it’ll be exciting to see what you come up with! And how cool that BB is excited for your friend!

  4. What exciting news! It’s always wonderful to hear news of a pregnancy! Congratulations!! Both for new Mom and BB :) I’ll check with you in your “other source” to see what you’ve planned to knit.

  5. I can’t wait to see. Both the knits and the cute little babe, if we get the chance. Congrats to Mama-to-be (in case you read the comments!) :)

  6. […] over the summer. Luckily he was ok with that … mostly because he wants me to get on with the baby knitting! Which I have commenced, and that is all I’ll say about that Share […]

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