Posted by: Kate | February 20, 2012

Love is In the Air and On the Water

February is the beginning of bird mating season on the Vancouver Island coastline, and everywhere you go there is evidence. Eagles are once again pairing up (they actually mate for life), fixing their massive nests, kicking away the jouveniles and renewing vows, so to speak. Song birds are beginning to sing and serenade. Shore birds are preening and showing off.

These Harlequin Ducks will be heading to the rivers to mate soon.

I love watching the birds, and hearing them. Eagles calling over head as I walk outside, song birds in the shrubs of my garden when I let the dog out, and shore birds bobbing on the waves when I’m at the beach. Time to wake up, world!



  1. Ah, what a wonderful time of year :) I really love the looks of the Harlequin Ducks, haven’t seen them before. But I am happy to say that I’ve finally seen a Bald Eagle!!!! Needless to say, I was totally enthralled (if I could post of pic in here, I would). DH & I thought that perhaps they’re only passing through, on their way to the coast. The Red Robins are back, too, I love to hear their pretty song, that’s when you know Spring is on the way!!

  2. love is in the air over here as well – my woodpeckers are beside themselves with passion right now!

  3. I’m not a birder, but do love watching them. In fact, I saw my first snowy owl last week on the capture…didn’t get a great look since it’s hard to ‘sneak up’ when you are flying in a helicopter but definitely a snowy owl. So very cool to see!

  4. How lucky you are to have nesting eagles!

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