Posted by: Kate | February 10, 2012

Feature Photo: Bean Dreams

Finally placed my seed order. Dreaming of gardening a lot these days…..


  1. It is difficult to explain to non-gardener types the thrill of putting in a seed order. For gardeners, I think it is one of the highlights of the year! Where do you order from? This year I am going to try to use as many heritage seeds as I can get my hands on.

  2. oh beans…. if i close my eyes i can almost smell the dirt…

  3. Thank you for that little taste of spring.

    I have surprise out of town guests arriving for a surprise party this weekend. As soon they are home I will gather the seed catalogs and make big plans.

  4. sigh – I love Spring! Garden dreaming is the best – esp. browsing through seed catalogues – mmmmmmmm Have fun!

  5. It’s that time of year isn’t it? Well, for those of you who can garden this year it is! Alas, I didn’t even get in my garlic this past fall so will have nothing growing this year. Oh well…maybe I’ll still plant the lower garden with some things that need no attention until fall (like potatoes or winter squash). Maybe?

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