Posted by: Kate | February 7, 2012

A 70th Birthday Shawl

The shawl was finished and blocked with a day to spare, and about a metre or two of yarn to spare, too.

the last little piece of yarn

Haruni was a fun and quick pattern to knit. I added a pattern repeat in the body, as I could see that the shawl would be too small for my tall mum, and I’m very glad I did.

The lace pattern shows up well when the shawl is against a solid colour background (or solid coloured clothing). My favourite part of the shawl is the border and the crochet loop edging.

Pattern: Haruni

Yarn: Diamond Luxury Foot Loose

Needle size: 3.75mm

It was well received!


  1. The shawl is beautiful Kate! I can’t believe that is all the yarn you had left. You must have been sweating buckets towards the end not knowing if you were going to have enough. When that happens to me I find myself knitting faster. It makes no sense, but I do it anyway.

  2. oh kate, it’s absolutely gorgeous!
    it looks so soft and light and completely wonderful! a perfect gift for your mum!

    (and don’t think i didn’t notice chika sneaking into the last picture – he’s sooooo handsome :)

  3. It is beautiful! You’re mom is a lucky girl.

  4. What a great pattern and yours is simply beautiful. The color is gorgeous and the pattern perfectly executed! I’m not surprised it was well received!! And eek on the leftover yarn…I bet you were nervous!

  5. Beautiful. I would have been a panic worried about that yarn!

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