Posted by: Kate | February 3, 2012

Feature Photo: Mt. Washington Without Snow

Mt. Washington, October 2002. A little ways down from the summit in the third picture in this post.



  1. Such an awesome place to have right in our back yards. We hiked up to Lake Helen Mackenzie this summer and it was absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Stunning! What more is there to say. It makes me feel a little envious as we have had around four inches of snow overnight and it is bitterly cold. You are so lucky to have such stunning scenery around you. Have a great week. Ros

  3. so lovely kate.
    i just caught myself completely zoned out day dreaming in your picture… thank you for the mini mental vacation.

  4. Isn’t it glorious! Thx for sharing another great pic!

  5. Looks like a fabulous place to hike. And I’m feeling the warmth of that sun through the picture…perfect for a cool, rainy day like today!

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