Posted by: Kate | January 30, 2012

Size Matters

I know, I know, in general it doesn’t matter that I am a small person. I don’t think of myself as small, and even my dad told me many times that for a small person I sure took up a lot of space (I had a habit of reading while lounged sideways across a chair). But, when it comes to making clothing items, size does matter. And I need to remember that I am smaller than I think.

I’m sure you can see that this is headed towards another piece of knitting that hasn’t turned out quite the way I wanted. It’s not awful, it’s kind of cute, but it’s not the fit I was going for and it’s no one’s fault but my own. I blocked to the small size measurements which I figured would be right enough — I should have gone smaller. This is about me not thinking of myself as that petite, but I am. This is a ribbed vest, and I wanted a little negative ease to it to show off the curves, not hide them in bagginess. The piece is functional and nice enough, but I hope I’ve learned my lesson. (excuse the picture, it was early morning.)

It’s better over a shirt that’s not tucked in, nor one that has buttons in the front (no extra bulk).

But next time I talk about a sweater or vest I’m knitting for myself, someone please remind me that size does indeed matter.


  1. i think knitting properly-fitting adult garments is one of the hardest challenges in knitting. (which explains why most garments i knit are for babies and kids.) even though this one didn’t turn out exactly how you wanted it looks really good on you and it’s a bonus that you learned more about how to make things actually fit the way you want them to.
    it’s all about the process, and you’re one step closer to getting your knitting to go where you want it.

  2. It looks great on you!

  3. You are SUPER small, as I notice whenever I see you in the produce section, and give you a hug!

  4. I’m small too, so I prefer making my own patterns, that way the size it’s always right. Anyway, I think this vest looks nice on you.

  5. I think it looks very nice Kate. You did a beautiful job.

  6. It looks great!

  7. Yes Kate, you are a smaller person than most :) But that certainly doesn’t take away from your shining personality!

  8. what a bummer on the sizing. knitted garments looking bulky was one reason I stayed away from knitting for so long. well, that an coming of age in the time of acrylic yarn. Hopefully you’ll still get plenty of wear from it and I’ll try my best to remind you next time.

  9. Hi Kate!

    I can see a little extra fabric but I think it still looks really nice on you. I have the same problem and the first thing I knitted that actually fit me, my mom noticed and commented on. Knitting is making me learn my size actually…I still wear things a bit big, but the less fabric to knit, the quicker you get it done. So it pays to knit the darn thing in the right size!

    How tiny are you? ;)

  10. […] hem on the bottom and top of each mitt. I used some of the left over Superwash Emu Wool that I made my vest out of. As the yarn is a little thinner than the yarn used in the pattern, I made the medium size, […]

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