Posted by: Kate | January 24, 2012

The Longest Row

I’m loving Haruni, and making good time on it, but oh my goodness it just took 10 minutes to work a purl-back row!! I’ve got just over a week, I think I’ll make it. And I hope by the week-end to have a finished vest to show, as well. It’s been blocked and now needs the neckband knitted on.

I should add to yesterday’s post that I don’t work 8 hours a day at the office, I work 5 hours at the office each day. I’m off in time to pick up Bushboy at school, and do school activities, and I feel very fortunate to have found a job that uses my skills and yet allows me to still be a mom. That also leaves me time for editing and tutoring, although not much writing gets done when I get home. Except here – I love writing on this blog, it gives me a place to connect with many like-minded people, or to have my mind expanded a little by the smart people who read this blog. Yesterday wasn’t about sympathy, as there are many many women much busier than me, but more about acknowledging another step in my acceptance journey.

Knit on, my friends. Knit on. I have another purl row calling me.


  1. hooray for part time work that lets you spend the time you need to with your kids!
    and i’m glad you still have time (and the desire) for writing on your blog – because i love reading it!

  2. Maybe I should have started with this post! ;) But see…I got it right that you enjoy blogging so much that it has to stay at the top of the priority list! I’m glad that you are able to find part-time work that still allows you to be with BB as much as before.

    I’m feeling those same feelings about Striped study. I think it is taking me more than 10 minutes a row but I’m sort of afraid to actually check that. 2.5 more inches of border to go…slowly but surely!

  3. I like the things that take ages for one row…especially when there’s a pattern repeat, such as lace. I was just talking to my Mum last night about this. I was never happier than when I was finishing off the last rounds of the Cap Shawl, which was simply Titanic in its size.

  4. Good luck! Hope you make it! Ros

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