Posted by: Kate | January 23, 2012

Time Management

One of the things I’m learning (and accepting) is the need for ever more Time Management. (And let me say first of all, my hats are off to all those families with both parents working and more than one child in more than one activity. Or single parents, doing it all.) With me working out of the house five days a week now, time management is even more crucial. It may not seem like a big deal, but we are a family who values our downtime, so making sure we are all where we need to be and yet also having enough time to relax and chill out together or alone, is a challenge.

Big calendars help. Making lists helps. Good communication helps. And an acceptance that we can’t do it all, that I can’t attend as many meetings as I used to, that the house doesn’t always get cleaned on time or the way we’d like, that helps.

Maintaining balance, for me, is partially achieved through good Time Management, so I know I’m not doing so well when I start to feel overwhelmed or off-balance. Rushing occasionally is ok, feeling rushed all the time is not ok. Finding the path for our little family through that maze is a new challenge. I’ll let you know how I do.



  1. I would say we are in similar situations. You, suddenly taking on all the time sucks that involve working full time outside the home, me suddenly inheriting a full grown kid. No time to ease into it for either of us. It’s been a rough two years since Boy #2 moved in with us made more so by the fact that I’d lived alone almost my entire adult life. All the things you mentioned have been very difficult to come to terms with (well, continue to come to terms with, if I’m honest). I’ve been amazed that you’re still able to blog as much as you do, since ‘little selfish pleasures’ of which blogging is one, seem to be what slip off the to-do list first. Don’t worry, we’re here to support you!

  2. time management is definitely a challenge for me as well. i have been experimenting with different forms of organizing my time, and am still struggling to work out all the kinks.
    i hope you’re able to find that balance during this transition period in your life – and if you figure out the secret, please let me know! :)

  3. I would think time management is likely an issue for almost every person, whether they seem to have it down or not. Adding in children, jobs, other responsibilities…it just ups the challenge of it all. I’m sure you’ll find your groove…especially since you know enough from the get go to figure out what is important that needs to be kept and what isn’t. I’m glad that blogging hasn’t been dropped from the list yet even though it would be (is) easy to let go of. I think it’s something you do just for you and those things need to be kept high on the priority list as well.

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