Posted by: Kate | January 19, 2012

I’m Knitting, I’m Knitting….

Little Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian reference there, our favourite part.

Anyhow, lots of knitting going on. I have started on Bushboy’s sweater – black yarn, but not too complex thankfully. I’m having to size up, as the pattern he picked doesn’t go up to his size, but that’s just math. I made myself a blue pair of fingerless mitts for my desk at work, and of course took them to work before taking pictures. But I then made my co-worker a pair, which I think I like even better.

The yarn is some most luscious Koigu sock yarn, so soft! The pattern is my own.

The other project I am working on, in fact the one taking most of time, is Haruni. This is a gift for my mum’s 70th birthday which is coming up at the beginning of February. So I’m knitting as fast as I can! I’m almost finished the body pattern section now. (The picture was taken last week and I don’t have a more recent one – I’m too busy knitting to take pictures.)

This yarn is Diamond Luxury Collection’s Foot Loose, and it is also a nice, soft yarn. I love the greens, and I think they will complement my mum’s wardrobe nicely.

What are you all working on these days?


  1. love the gloves! especially the garter ridges at the tops.

    and oh, your mom’s birthday shawl is going to be amazing! that pattern is stunning and the yarn you chose is gorgeous! i love the greens. it’s the perfect gift for such a milestone birthday.

  2. January is definitely THE knitting month of the year. The mitts are very nice, as is the shawl.I admire anyone who can knit lace. Your mom will love her gift!

    I am working on the Boreal sweater, but set it aside for a few days to finish the sweater for our puppy. The cold is doing her in, or so she thinks!

  3. Your dear mom is so fortunate to have such a talented, knitting daughter, she will LOVE her new shawl. I love the rich greens. Your excellent gloves are super-nice, love the colour & I bet your blue pair are gorgeous, too. I admire your using your own pattern – I haven’t delved that far yet.

    And BB’s sweater, too! You continue to amaze me. I love your little reference to Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian. It reminds me of Charles Dickens’, “Tale of Two Cities”, when folks would comment on Madame DeFarge, saying she’s always “knitting, knitting”.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Lots of great knitting projects going on here… that shawl, in particular is going to be just beautiful!

    it’s just math…that put a smile on my face!

  5. I just did math one time. maybe I’ll be brave and tell the story one day. I can’t wait to see your Haruni. I’ve gone hot and cold on casting that one on, but always love the pattern.

    I’m slogging through mittens and then socks and then hopefully a sweater for myself.

  6. I’ve been sick on the couch for a few days, so there’s been no crafting ’round here.

  7. Love your gloves! I’ve just started knitting and fingerless gloves are what I’m hoping to try after I master the scarf…eek.

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