Posted by: Kate | January 17, 2012

January Beach

We do realize how spoiled we are to live here. One day we drive 35 minutes to a world-class ski hill, the next day we drive 5 minutes to a beautiful beach. Neither are crowded with people.

The January beach in sunshine is so special, we try to take advantage whenever we can. This day was cold, but at the protected beach with the sun shining it felt warm on the bones.

The beach in January blows out cobwebs, allows fresh air to get into the lungs and the hair and on the face. The tang of salt and the call of birds enhances the experience. Aside from camping, it is the place where we are all the most at peace.

We search for treasures, watch the birds dive in the water, throw sticks for the dog. We simply be, for twenty or thirty minutes, and allow life to come to us. We accept this gift.



  1. Lovely beach! You are lucky to live close by!

  2. Gorgeous! There’ nothing like the beach in the wintertime. Just the best place! Ros

  3. gorgeous gorgeous photos kate – it clears the cobwebs from my head just to look at them!
    thank you for sharing your beauty with the rest of us!

  4. at the ocean is my favorite place in the world.

  5. lucky indeed! so beautiful. and a winter beach is my favourite.

  6. Clearing the cobwebs…perfect words to describe what being outdoors in the winter feels like. Being at the beach is extra special, but really just breathing in the cold, biting air anywhere will do that. Beautiful pictures as always!

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