Posted by: Kate | January 15, 2012

Annual Ski Day

Every year in the second full week back to school in January, our local ski hill Mt. Washington offers half-price lift tickets. For the past four years now we have played hooky and gone skiing that week, at least for a day.

This year that day was last Friday. The skies were cloudy but clear, and we were hopeful that we would have a good day on the slopes.

Ready to head up the hill. January skiing was once again cold!

We spent the morning getting our ski legs back and enjoying our regular runs. The Hawk was pretty busy, with a lot of classes happening. We headed up the Eagle, and were rewarded with some spectacular views.

Getting off the Hawk, looking North-West over Strathcona Park.

Getting off the Eagle chair, looking over Georgia Strait, south down to Denman Island and Hornby Island. The mountains in the distance are the Mainland Coastal mountains.

Half way down Linton's Loop, looking South-West into Strathcona Park and the Central Island mountains.

I had been predicting that this year Bushboy would be ready to do some more adventurous skiing, and I was right. So after lunch Bushboy and I went off together and ventured over to the Sunrise chair, while Mr. Kate enjoyed the more relaxed runs of the Hawk. We skied our hearts out, and Bushboy was right with me as we swooped down the big runs, which we had almost to ourselves. In fact, as he would be quick to point out, he passed me on one of them (I kept him on my heels for the rest of the runs). This was such a thrill for me, as I love to ski fast, and although I love to ski with Mr. Kate, he doesn’t quite love it as much as I do. So to have Bushboy now be able to comfortably ski with me was really fun.

Ready for adventure! (Still at the top of the Eagle, on our way to Sunshine.)

We ended the day with no mishaps, big smiles, and three delicious Beaver Tails. Best ski day yet.



  1. looks like fun!!
    we have a little ski hill here in mankato, and lily’s been learning to ski. i showed her these pictures and she was quite impressed with y’all’s ski hill :)

  2. Stunning views! Such a beautiful area, as I’ve said many times before. How lovely that you can now ski together. Well worth a day’s hooky from school. Have a good weeek. Ros

  3. What a view you have from your ski hill! It is fun when they finally “catch up” to us on skis. I suspect before long you won’t be able to keep him on your heels though. At least I couldn’t with my kids. They now take one token “mom run” with me then go off on their own.

    How did you handle having your camera up the hill for the pictures? I should have taken mine last week but didn’t want it in my pocket all day, and definitely didn’t want to leave it in the car.

  4. I envy you, Kate! The last time I skied I was in grade school. I am (was) a solid BLUE SQUARE skier! Once someone talked me into a double diamond because the top looked so doable…it took me an hour, throwing my skis down each different section, and following them on my bottom, going from tree to tree at the edge. Lesson learned.

    What a great day you had – good for you.

  5. I correct myself – it couldn’t have been a double diamond: there weren’t any doubles at Washington in the ’80s. It must have been just a plain old regular black diamond. Adaptable memory!

  6. Whoo hooo! This looks like loads of fun!! I love the view and will leave it to the more daring skiiers (i.e. not me, having tried it once when I was young. It was hard to stand esp. when you can’t bend your ankles. Or was that just me? ha ha). It’s great you & BB ski together, you never know, he could be an Olympic skiier one day.

  7. Breathtaking scenery. Wow.

  8. I’m so glad your annual ski day was such a great outing! And I guess higher elevations are getting some snow…maybe not average, but some?

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