Posted by: Kate | January 5, 2012

Another Knitting Project for Winter

“Mom, my sweater is too small. I need a new one, please. But this time with more stuff, you know, more like Dad’s.”

Well now. Makes a knitter’s heart burst, doesn’t it? Until you think for a moment…. wait, Dad’s sweaters are pretty nice. And this is an 11-year-old boy we’re talking about. And how often will he wear it really?

“But Mom, I’ve been wearing the green one lots this year.”

Well, more frequently than in the past, that’s true. The only thing the kid has going for him is that he doesn’t generally outgrow his clothes for a year or two. Of course, if I make him a nice sweater that’s a guarantee that he’ll suddenly catch up to his feet and sprout up a few inches.

“Please, Mom?”

Sigh. What colour, kiddo?

OK, I'll admit it is a little small.



  1. aw how can you say no to that?!!?
    i think it’s so sweet that he’s asked for a new sweater. and even sweeter that you agreed to knit it for him.
    but like i said – could you really have said no? :)

  2. Nope, can’t refuse that request. But if he asks for a Dr. Who scarf, run screaming for the hills.
    Signed, Should Have Run Screaming for the Hills

  3. I agree. There is no way you can say no to a request from your son for a sweater. Maybe you could knit it a size bigger that a “perfect” fit. Most guys will wear things a bit on the big side anyway, and that might just give the sweater an extra year’s worth of wear. You are wise to be worried about him growing into those feet.

  4. Ahh, what a conundrum. Fortunately, the only requested item from the teen was a hat. I like Kristie’s idea – a size bigger? especially if it needs to have “stuff” like dads. Which I interpret to mean cables and patterns – ack! But I agree with everyone else, how can you resist a request for handknits from a… tween, pre-teen,…. big kid?

  5. So lovely when you can knit for your offspring. Years ago, when my three were all small, I made almost all of their woollens. Then they reached an age ( around seven or eight) when they flatly refused to wear handknits. That seemed to be around the same time that knitting went out of fashion. So glad it’s come back into fashion and I knit for my grown-up offspring! Ros

  6. I suggest just focusing on the fact that he wants you to knit him a sweater…that alone should be enough to push the momentum forward! Let us know what pattern you choose!

  7. Oh, you’re so lucky, dear Kate! It is fantastic BB has asked you to knit him a sweater “more like Dad’s” (meaning, as I’m sure Kathy says, with cables & patterns). I, too, recommend knitting it a size or 2 larger, he’s sure to grow into it & will want to keep it ‘forever’! Let us know what colour he chooses.

  8. […] it up, and I find myself thinking of other things I’d like to be knitting. In other words, Bushboy’s sweater is taking me longer than it […]

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