Posted by: Kate | December 27, 2011

Dreaming of Spring

In these darkest days of the year (and this week has been oh so grey and dark so far) many of us west coasters find ourselves dreaming of warmer temperatures and brighter skies. But while for some people that means Hawaii, or Mexico, for me that dream means working in the garden. I can’t get out there right now, but like any self-respecting gardener, I can start dreaming, er, planning.

A few weeks ago, in the bustle of holiday prep,  a special piece of mail arrived. This evening was the first time I had a chance to really sit down and enjoy it.

That’s right, my West Coast Seeds catalogue arrived! Let the dreaming begin!



  1. Dreaming right along with you. Mine came in the mail a couple of weeks ago.

  2. oh, what a wonderful thing to carry you through winter. I clicked on the link, but it’s a Canadian company. I thought I’d found a source of seeds for the whole west coast!

  3. ooooh fun!!

  4. I love that seed catalogs come in the middle of winter! I’ve gotten a couple here recently. I can’t really dream of gardening since I won’t get to have a garden for quite a number of years with the field season schedule…for some reason it still makes me happy to look at the catalogs!

  5. Yep, they have begun to enter my house as well. I am not ready to start garden planning, my brain is still stuck in the dark winter.

    BTW, I found it hilarious that as I clicked on the radio this morning at 6:05, surrounded by darkness, the weatherman said we had reached our expected high of 51F.

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