Posted by: Kate | December 18, 2011

Christmas Gifts for Dad

Finished my dad’s gifts this week-end. First up a set of flannelette pillow cases, the reverse of the ones I did for my mum.

I also made him a calendar, as my step-mom was fairly obvious in her hinting.


This calendar is based on lessons, which in some way or other match the pictures. I love doing this theme, as it is fun to be a little cheeky with the lessons.

I still have two more sets of pillow cases to make, and more knitting to do. But the list is getting shorter!



  1. LOVE those cases!!!

  2. What fabulous pressies. I’m sure they’ll be very well received. Wishing you a lovely Christmas with family and friends. Have fun! Ros

  3. Another great set of pillowcases. And I love the calendar based on lessons…love it even more that your dad got it. I find that fitting somehow.

  4. What great gifts!I especially like the idea of the pillow cases for the parents. That’s something I should consider putting together for mine! :) Any pointers you may have would be welcome ;)

  5. a wonderful set of gifts. love that fabric on the pillow cases.

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