Posted by: Kate | December 7, 2011

One Precious Flower

Ever year, my Christmas cactus gives me just one precious flower. The plant is lovely and healthy, it puts on new growth slowly, as a cactus should. But for some reason, when it comes time to flower, it choses to give just one flower.

I think it’s funny that it doesn’t give up all together, but persists in sending out one bloom. One is enough to cheer my day, I always look forward to seeing that one bud turn into a magnificent flower. I’ll be content with my one precious flower.

(The flower is resting on a beach find – likely a small whale vertebrae.)



  1. Awesome Kate! I find producing one blossom a huge treat!! It is gorgeous, well worth the wait. I love the whale vertebrae, too!

  2. i think i may try to channel your christmas cactus and just focus on producing one beautiful bloom myself :)
    during this hectic go-go-go time of the year that’s a pretty powerful reminder.
    thanks for that kate!

  3. Such a precious bloom. Mine used to flower like crazy, but lately hasn’t given me even one bloom. So count yourself lucky that your environment allows for that one!

  4. So, so beautiful! Ros

  5. Lovely. I got mine from my grandmother – who got it from her grqndmother. Makes me smile every time I see it…

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