Posted by: Kate | December 1, 2011

Keeping Up

December 1st and I already feel behind! Not in a bad way, but I can see the month will zoom by. One of the main reasons, and what I was alluding to in my post about movement and November being the month, is that I’m now working outside the house as well. I got myself a part-time job in an office, doing copy writing, advertising, reports, etc. It’s really interesting, and so far is going well. But November wasn’t done with me yet – I also did three editing jobs in the month, finishing up my last one earlier this evening. I’m not complaining, just shaking my head in wonder that it all happened in one month!

I did get Bushboy’s advent calendar up and filled last night, that was a positive win for me!

So here we are, December 1st and time to make some serious lists to keep myself on track. First up is to get my mum’s pillow cases done, as we are celebrating Christmas with her on Sunday!



  1. how exciting about your new job! congratulations!

    my goal for december is letting a lot of things go and focusing on enjoying the time with my family. we’ll see how it goes, but the day one went well :)

  2. Congratulations on the job!

    Christmas on Sunday? Yikes. Oldest Son’s birthday is Monday, but he is at school. We do a Sinterclaus thing with our Danish across the street nieghbors on the 5th. It has become one the “kids” favorite things. Even though they are all grown up they still love to sneak around in the dark to leave the package on the door before being caught.

  3. Congrats on the job…I know it must make it hectic though especially at this time of year. I felt a bit of panic when December 1 rolled around as well. I lost November somehow. But like you, I took the time to make my lists and so far I’m more in the moment with December and not feeling that panic!

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