Posted by: Kate | November 28, 2011


I’ve got the calendar making down pat these days. Once I choose the pictures to print I go through and select my text (in this case it was quotes, the next one will be life lessons) and print out the sheet. Then I match up the pictures with the quotes and make sure I have them all.

Once I have all the pictures and quotes together, I go through and assemble each page (not directly on the calendar but onto the background paper). I use all scraps to do these pages, which always feels great at the end. At this point I also decide what my accessory will be for the page – I try to keep this all from the same thing on each page, so in this calendar it was a set of stickers. Again, this is from my stash of used items, and I love getting them out of the box and onto a page. Often these are left over pieces that don’t match a specific page I’m scrapping, but when it is for a calendar they can help pull the project together into a more cohesive look.

After assembling all the pages I then sort them into months. I wait until now to do it, as I don’t know for sure how I feel about the overall look until the pages are all ready. Then I can play around with them until I like the flow.

Before I stick the pages into the calendar I do all the writing (adding month headers and putting the numbers in) so that nothing smudges on my pages. Then I stick the pages in and add a title to the front of the calendar.

The whole process takes me about 4 hours (including selecting pictures and quotes) all together. And the finished product always makes me smile, and the recipients always ask for another one the next year.


  1. wonderful kate!!

  2. That is a great calendar! It will also be a great keepsake in years to come.

  3. No wonder they ask for more each year. I love your calendars…they are so special.

  4. Fabulous Kate! Anything using special photos & quotes are right up my alley! I’m not surprised everyone asks for more each year. Well done!

  5. WOW!!!

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