Posted by: Kate | November 25, 2011

From the Photo Archives

Chika in the snow. Nov 2011.


Chika’s winter coat came in just in time for the first snow fall. You can see that his coat has a creamy tinge to the white and his black spots of summer are now more mottled gray – sure signs that his winter coat is keeping him warm. The bigger signs for us is a slight decrease in the amount of fur around the house, and also that Chika always looks much thicker once his winter coat comes in. It keeps him warm and allows him to luxuriate in his most beloved snow.



  1. luna’s winter coat is in as well.
    although somehow i don’t think it has cut down on the fur around my house…..

    and ps – yay for a chika photo!! he’s so handsome :)

  2. He looks so happy. My old dog used to really love the snow too. We never did get any of that white stuff – just the cold. Hope you are surviving this wet and windy winter so far!

  3. Chiko’s pic makes me smile – love it, thx Kate! He is a beauty. Have you ever thought of spinning his beautiful fur?

  4. I love this picture! Chika’s new winter coat looks like camouflage against the background colours. We now have a dog that does not shed. I have to admit it is nice to not have dog hair all over the house. Enjoy your reprieve!

  5. CHIKA! I’ll never get tired of Chika pictures or my response to them. But there is Melissa beating me to it again…darn her! He’s such a beauty!

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