Posted by: Kate | November 23, 2011

Crafting for the Holidays

Like so many other people, I am thinking about my holiday crafting these days. My knitting list is shorter this year, as I have been working on orders (still have four fingerless mitts and three scarves to go) and have not really done any personal knitting. Thank goodness I finished my mum’s socks earlier this year! My calendars have been requested, in fact I got in a bit of trouble with one family member as that house didn’t receive a calendar last year. I reassured her that I had duly noted the calendar on my list and it wouldn’t happen again! So, three calendars – two of Bushboy and one of something else (not sure yet, but usually it’s some sort of local sights). I’ve got enough jam this year that I can give away a few jars. The new project I think I’m going to do is winter pillow cases – flannel or soft cotton cases in winter print fabrics. Plus there will be the usual baking, etc. I do plan on knitting a couple of scarves and dishcloths and I know some people would like a pair of fingerless mitts.

How about you? Any new crafts in the plans this year, or are you sticking with the tried and true?



  1. i’m taking a break from my annual holiday sweatshop this year. i’ve got a small list of things i’m making – some coffee snugglers for lily’s teachers, a handprint embroidery for a friend, and a wrapped yarn wreath for my grandparents… i think that’s it this year!

    oh – and i have some friends who keep requesting dishcloths… i’ll try and whip some of those up for a solstice gift!

  2. Ooo, I’d love to sew a set of flannel winter-print pillowcases – great idea! It looks like you’re pretty busy with orders, again, I don’t know how you do it. I have zillions of ideas in my head, but in fact, am not knitting/crocheting anything (yet) this Christmas season. If I had more time and energy, I’d love to knit Mom some legwarmers. I’ve also had a request (several months ago) for some ear-warmers, those should be quick & easy, right?

  3. Well, it’s tried and true, in that it’s knitting, but I’m attempting to knit far more gifts (from stash) in an attempt to save money. I can’t wait, to see the results of your sewing! I love flannel sheets and pillowcases.

  4. i may gift some u-brew wine that should be ready in the next week or so, probably some knitting in there too – a couple toques, some fingerless mitts. i think my nephew will be getting a sewn cape as he seems to be enjoying the one i made for his older brother a little while back. i might do some other sewing too – i hope to get a start on all of it this weekend!

  5. I think your winter pillowcases are a fabulous idea. I have 3 sets of flannel ones from my mom and they are hands-down my favorite to rest my head!

    Work remains overwhelming so crafting for the holidays is minimal. I’ve got a pair of socks for mom (1 done after frogging almost an entire sock…swatches lie), a couple toys for Julian (started one…these are quick), a papercut for a friend, and the one that has me nervous is finishing up a colored pencil I started for my dad a couple years ago. Oh yeah, calendars, and some other photo gifts. Not sure I’ll get them all done since it’s almost December and I have two work trips this month but we’ll see!

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