Posted by: Kate | November 21, 2011

Shopping For My Country? Really?

I’ve always been a little bothered with the idea that we should shop shop shop to show our love of our country. Back in September I came across an article that said much of what I was wondering, only more eloquently. Go read it here: Guardian shopping article. It is from Britain, written after the riots that occurred there earlier this year. What it says to me is that this problem is endemic to all first-world countries, as this article, with a few company name changes, could have been written in the U.S, or Canada, or any other country where spending is so fervently encouraged as a way to save the country. What happened to thrift in economic tough times? Why do we accept this mantra of shop shop shop?

Life is super busy around here, one of these days I’ll get around to filling you all in on why. Remember my 2011 word, movement? Apparently November was the month it was waiting for, for our whole family, in a good but busy way!



  1. I’ll take a look at the article when I get a chance to focus on it a bit more…but the concept seems confusing to me as well. While I realize it is more complicated then this…it seems like many of our economic problems happen because people live well beyond their means…shopping to support the economy just increases this problem.

  2. Well said, Kate. The shop shop shop mantra is obscene in my ‘umble opinion. Society’s “God” is now the almighty dollar. Where will it end?? When I find a minute, I’d like to read the article you’ve given on Guardian Shopping, it sounds intriguing, thx!

    Personally, I use what I’ve already got, and if I do need something, I’ll buy local & hopefully find a nice discount. I ask myself, do I WANT it or do I NEED it? Most of the time, it’s a want.

    Seems life is super-busy for us all these days. Is it fast-appearing technology? Computers? Instant gratification? What? Something’s gotta give. I plan to slow down & knit a bit (more). xo

  3. oh goodness… americans have been told to shop for their country for years! i distinctly remember right after 09.11 w coming out and telling us the most patriotic thing we could do was go shopping.
    goodness me.

    the focus on consumerism in our society is beyond me. i can get caught up from time to time (i’ll admit to rushing out and buying the latest potter movie when it comes out on dvd) but in general we do our best to avoid it. working hard to instill this in lily as well… but that can be hard when it seems to her that “everyone” has the latest thing…

  4. I definitely share your sentiment. Rocky sent this to me yesterday. I love giving gifts too much to go as extreme as the writer, but I love the intention behind the article.

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