Posted by: Kate | November 14, 2011

The Flip Side of Fall Colours

Where there are pretty coloured leaves, there are going to be falling leaves. And when your property has a number of trees, including a gigantic elm tree, that means a lot of falling leaves. Fall raking has begun at my mum’s, and it is a month-long job. We spent an hour or so raking before the rain came, and we did a truck load plus eight full garbage cans and eight full yard bags. And we barely touched it all. Plus, the elm is still more than two-thirds full.

She can’t let the leaves mulch away because there are just too many of them and they would kill the grass if she left them through the very wet west coast winter. So, we rake.

You can see the area we cleared, and some of the piles still to be picked up.

Mr. Kate raking under the giant elm tree. Every time the wind would gust more leaves would land in front of the rake. It was pretty funny (my job was to fill the bags and cans, so I wasn't frustrated by more falling leaves).

The leaf contraption that Bushboy loves to use. It's like a broom that sweeps the leaves into the bag. And it's hard work to push it over the wet grass!

Even the sheep next door are a little tired of all the leaves, as they cover the grass. This is also under the giant elm tree, although it looks like many of those leaves are from neighbouring maple trees.

We actually enjoy the leaf raking, it’s a fun family chore that is very satisfying…. until the wind blows again.



  1. Ah, these wonderful pictures bring back memories of our humungous (sp?)Elm tree in Calgary. We’d fill bag after bag after bad & bring them to the neighborhood community centre for recycling. The City of Calgary made mulch from leaves & old pumpkins for the Zoo (they always have a fabulous display of flora & fauna).

    I love BushBoy’s leaf contraption! I feel your husband’s pain, lol, the same would happen to me (while raking!). I feel sorry for the poor sheep, trying to find something to eat! lol Watch your back & take lots of breaks! I heard about the strong winds on Vanc. Island – it’s all coming here now!

  2. Wow! A whole month of leaf raking? It makes me glad we don’t have an elm tree in our yard, even if it would be nice the other months of the year. It is nice you are able to help your mom with the job.

  3. Oh My! A HUGE yard to rake. I will never again complain about our city sized yard and its leaves again.

  4. we have several big leaf maples plus a few other leafy trees in our yard, and i feel like i’ve been raking for weeks now. plus all the cedar duff that seems to be coming down this year. doesn’t help that my immediate neighbours all seem to have immaculate lawns & driveways (although they all seem to lack leafy trees too!).

  5. This brought back some memories…I used to rake leaves all the time as a kid…not a job I particularly enjoyed considering just how big of area we had and how many trees this area supported! But it wasn’t a horrible job either. Now we rake our small yard and put the leaves over the gardens as mulch…what’s left over, we mow and use as mulch for the grass.

  6. wow – that’s a lot of leaves!
    we don’t have nearly that many, so it’s not such a chore to rake up. oh how i love the smell of fallen leaves in the fall…

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