Posted by: Kate | November 7, 2011

Fun at the Fair

The Fall Fair was a great success. I made some money, sold out of some items, and had fun meeting the other vendors. We were very busy from about 11-2. I even ended up taking 10 orders on some of the items I sold out of.

This was the table at the beginning of the day – I rearranged it as items sold off the table.

Next year I think I’ll try to get enough items together for two fairs, as a number of people asked me if I’d be anywhere else this season. The orders will keep me busy so I won’t do another one this year.



  1. hooray hooray for you kate!!
    your booth looks great!
    i’m so happy to hear your first craft fair was such a success!
    yay on you!!

  2. Yay Kate! Thx for sharing a pic of all your wonderful things at the craft fair! I’m not surprised that people were asking where you’ll be next. LOVE the driftwood rack, tho’ cannot see much of it.

    I’m curious, what sort of orders did people ask for? This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship (venture, in your case). Congrats Kate!

  3. Congratulations Kate! I’m curious too, as to the orders people wanted, and what sold out.

    Good show!

  4. That’s excellent! Congratualtions on your first fall fair! :)

  5. Congrats! Was just about to email asking how it went, and thought to check the blog. Good to hear it went well.

  6. Well done! Which items were the most popular?

  7. i’m so glad it was a great success for you – feels rewarding, doesn’t it?

  8. So glad to hear it was a success!! Your booth looks fabulous and it’s so refreshing to hear how popular hand-knits were. Very cool you got more orders and that you are interested in doing more fairs in the future!

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