Posted by: Kate | November 4, 2011

From the Photo Archives

Stella Lake. July 2011.

I took this picture standing at the boat launch at the forest rec campground on Stella Lake. This is the official campground on the Backroads Maps, and there are about 15 sites here. However, we noticed as we drove around the edge of the lake that many people have created little camping spots along the lakeshore where only one or two tents can fit. I personally wouldn’t want to be so close to the logging roads, but I suppose it isn’t as busy on the week-ends, at least not with the big logging trucks (lots of recreational traffic around this area). Stunningly beautiful and great fishing, but not sure I’d want to camp there. There is a fairly constant breeze blowing into camp, and also the campsite seems to often be occupied by people with atvs and trailers with generators. A little loud for our liking. But a gorgeous spot to stop and take pictures and let the dog swim!



  1. It truly is gorgeous! Can’t blame you for not wanting to camp there, what with all the noise pollution, &etc. If I were there, I know I’d have to stop to take a few pics.

  2. Beautiful! Such a relaxing and peaceful scene. I love places like this. Ros

  3. gorgeous kate.
    i feel calmer just looking at the picture.

  4. I can see why it is so popular. But I understand why you hesitate to camp here…too many people and too much noise definitely steers me away from otherwise amazing areas. Beautiful picture.

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