Posted by: Kate | October 21, 2011

From the Photo Archives

Goats on the Roof, Coombs, July 2011

The Old Country Market is a restaurant and food store in the tourist destination of Coombs, on Vancouver Island. It is most well-known for the grass on its roof, which every year hosts a family of goats. It has been there since at least the 70s, I can remember stopping there when we drove up-island for our summer camping trips. We don’t go to Coombs often, as it is a very crowded summer spot, but it is always fun when we do go. There are many little trinket shops, as well as a garden nursery, clothing shops, a fudge shop, and a wonderful second-hand book shop. You always know island children in the summer – they’re the ones asking, “Can you we go see the goats on the roof today?”



  1. I love this! I really need to add Coombs to my destination list. It sounds wonderful.

  2. oh i love goats and their climbing desires/abilities!
    great picture!!

  3. Goats on a roof…classic! No wonder the children love it!

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