Posted by: Kate | October 14, 2011

From the Photo Archives

Mossy tree, October 2011.

Although the intense temperate rainforests are on the west side of the island (where trees drip year-round) there is no escaping the fact that even on the more protected east coast we are part of this amazing ecosystem. The moss on the trees is your first tip-off, as are all the nursery logs and the spongy forest floor. The stink of dead salmon along the rivers, the copious amounts of bear scat along the trails (and it seems quite evident that if you make trails, bears will use them and that is where they will leave their scat), and the stunning diversity in shades of green are also all tell-tale signs that you are standing in a rainforest. Then there are the huge trees, bigger than any of us could hug around.

For visitors, it can be too overwhelming for the senses, too big and on too grand a scale to call a forest. For me, it is what makes me feel at home.


  1. Sounds amazing.

  2. what an amazing magical place you call home kate – thank you for sharing it with the rest of us through your beautiful photos.

  3. What an amazing tree! Fantastic photo too.. love the light behind it. I really enjoy seeing the photos of your beautiful environment. Have a good week.

  4. I love the rainforest, especially the smell. The rich green colour reminds me of some of the wooded sections of the trail I walked in Scotland.

  5. Magical, just magical. Send some of your wonderful rain-forest vibes our way, I’ll be ‘listening’ for it. What is it about forests that grab our imagination? Is it the mystery, the quiet, the beauty, what? My dreams often are in a beautiful rain forest.

    Stunning indeed! Thx for sharing your gorgeous photos for the rest of us who don’t live there, would love to live there … xo

  6. Such beautiful ecological systems…the shades of green in the moss and lichen and plants are my favorite part. Such diversity and depth that can only be truly captured by the naked eye. Sensory overload for a visitor? I could see that…

    BTW — I so appreciate these posts that show your joy, your awe, your attention to what’s around you. We all live near beauty in one form or another if we take the time to look.

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