Posted by: Kate | September 27, 2011

The Knitting Swirls

It’s a bit of the biology geek in me, but anything that resembles a nudibranch‘s feathering and has the word helix in the name is going to catch my eye. Such was the case with the helix scarf. This may, in fact, be my new favourite go-to scarf for gifts.

I loved it so much I took the picture before even sewing in the ends, see? Actually I haven’t decided if I’m going to block it or not, so I was waiting on the ends. I used some left-over Estelle Arequipa sock yarn and I love how the pattern shows off the colours. I’m not sure how much I used in total, less than one full skein for sure. The scarf is a jacket scarf (that is, sits nicely over the neck to the length of a jacket), a full 100g of sock yarn would make a longer scarf. It’s worked with short rows and knit width ways, not length ways as most curly scarves are knit, and knits up very quickly I found. Great TV knitting.


  1. gorgeous!
    you’re right – the yarn and the pattern compliment each other perfectly! i’m not usually into those ruffly edged scarves, but this one i really like. great job!!

  2. Beautiful! Firstly, your title “The Knitting Swirls” caught my eye and after looking at your beautiful ruffly scarf, I knew I had to copy the pattern. Well, after much delay (slow computer), I finally printed out a copy for myself. I knew I bought that pretty sock yarn (4 terrific-sale-priced skeins!) a few weeks ago, for a reason! If mine looks a quarter nice as yours, I’ll be thrilled!! Well done :)

  3. That seems like a very fun scarf. and, glancing through some other posts (as i am woefully behind), a happy diversion from the school system frustrations abounding. It was also a cute picture of Bushboy. Sorry I said it was cute Bushboy.

  4. Very pretty!

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